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concrete maintenance tips
concrete maintenance tips

  1. Keep your garage floors clean. Aggregate, oils and chemicals can ruin a cement floor.  Keep them clean with the latest green cleaning materials to get the most from the life of your floor.

  2. Make sure your sump pump works. Send water away from the house.  Do not allow water to lay against your foundation.  Moisture, & Dampness can ruin your concrete.

  3. Grade away from the home.  In addition to making sure your sump pump works to keep water away from the foundation be sure to grade the property sloped away from the structure.  Just a small slope can make a lot of difference.

  4. Protect the egress. Basement windows can easily allow water into your home.  the best thing to do is to cover them.

  5. Clean door tracts.  Sliding Glass doors at a basment level can easily allow for water to come in or sit at the foundation level if the lower tracts are not cleared from debris.

  6. Propoer roof and gutter maintenance.  The water coming from the top of your structure is going to land somewhere.  With proper gutter and downspout maintenance you can keep if flowing away from your home. 

  7. French Drain cleaning. The drains created outside of a basement door usually need clearing of leaves periodically.  Doing this at regular intervals will save flooding problems during heavy down pours.

  8. Seal your concrete. Concrete should be sealed annually.

  9. Sealer.  Never apply concrete sealer to a damp or wet surface. A second coat may be applied after the first coat is no longet sticky to touch.

  10. During the winter.  Do not allow snow and Ice to accumulate on concrete such as, sideways and patios.

  11. Be careful of what you put on your concrete. It is best not to use salt and other chemicals on your concrete for de-icing.

How to take care of your concrete