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A structure is only as sound as the foundation it sits on.
A structure is only as sound as the foundation it sits on.
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  1. 1.How do i calculate how much concrete I need?  

Use the handy calculator provided here to estimate your concrete needs.  Concrete Walls will provide you with a professional estimate when you contact us.

  1. 2.What is the difference between Cement and Concrete?

These words are sometimes interchangeably but really cement is an ingredient in concrete.

  1. 3.Does all concrete flow the same?

No.  The “workability” of the concrete is an important factor for those placing the concrete. A workable concrete mix properly flows and fills the form properly, leaving minimal voids.

  1. 4.Should a contractor simply add more water to make the concrete more “workable”?

No.  A professional will mix the concrete accurately.  Although adding more water will make the concrete flow more easily is will not be as stable as it should be. 

  1. 5.What will happen if i use “bad” concrete or concrete mixed improperly?

Although even bad concrete may look good for a year or two it is sure to crack and break up after that.  Your structure will become unstable.  It will not last long. 

  1. 6.Are health issues a concern for those mixing concrete?

Yes.  If you are mixing your own concrete you should wear a mask approved for use with silica.  Wear household gloves when mixing.  You can wear lightweight gloves after mixing.  Wet concrete are caustic to skin and eyes and airways.  Wear eye protection. ALWAYS wear safety gear for any household project.  Be sure to shower and change immediately after working on your project.

  1. 7.Can our paving project continue in hard rain or heavy frost. 

There are structural reasons for not working in these conditions.  There’s a good argument to be made that concrete is best laid in damp conditions, but there is a concern that the surface can be pitted by heavy rain, so any high-end decorative concrete work is best protected by covering.