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Giving you a solid beginning.

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Ask for concrete walls to weather any storm in Maryland

Severe hurricanes,  & tornados in the Maryland are motivating the construction industry to use far more durable materials and methods for houses in particular.

"Occupant safety is one good reason to build a stronger, more fire-resistant home -- and significant energy savings is another," says Todd Blyth at Nudura, a leading name in the supply of insulated concrete forms (ICFs). "More and more buildings in North America, including private homes, are opting for concrete. As demonstrated year

after year, the impact resistance of concrete building protects it from storm winds up to 250 miles per hour. It is also more structurally sound during floods -- and the fire resistance is up to 4 hours. With a solid, reinforced concrete envelope, your energy bills can be reduced by up to 70 percent.

Southern Maryland residents find concrete to be aesthetically pleasing. On the outside, the concrete structure can be finished with smart-looking brick, or even more creatively with stone, stucco, wood, or vinyl siding. And inside, says Blyth, the aesthetics accommodate all the dream features as well. Innovative architectural shapes -- such as arches, bay windows, and specific door styles -- are easily achieved to meet the desired interior design.

Occupant benefits in Calvert County, Charles County and St. Mary’s County:

Concrete is strong -- and it is also occupant-friendly. In a standard wood-framed home, the outside cold easily travels through the walls, causing thermal bridging and creating uncomfortable chilly spots in various rooms. Alternatively, walls built with a solid concrete core address and prevent thermal bridging to deliver even temperatures throughout the house.

"The interior atmosphere is comfortable and quiet," Blyth continued. "Reinforced concrete is an effective sound barrier. It dampens vibrations from outside noise, such as traffic, trains and neighborhood parties. Sound-proofing is a true bonus of the ICF building system -- and so is the investment value of the home. It is generally expected that a stronger, safer, greener home, and one that is more durable, more cost efficient, and needs less maintenance and repair, will steadily increase in resale value."

Be aware, he adds, that the request to build your walls with concrete must be made early in the planning stage. More information is available online at

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