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Home-Building Quick Tip for Southern Maryland: Choose concrete walls for security, durability, and savings in Calvert County, Charles County or Prince George’s County

If a stronger, wind-resistant house requiring far less energy sounds like the features of a Southern Maryland dream home to you, consider building the walls with reinforced concrete instead of wood, experts say. Sharply growing in popularity is a system using the 'insulated concrete form' (ICF), which completely replaces the standard wood-frame method. At the building site, the pre-assembled forms interlock, like Lego, to build a monolithic concrete envelope. Here are a few more of immediate benefits:

Safety: With high winds reported to be a growing concern in many communities, a home built with stronger concrete demonstrates hurricane and tornado impact resistance up 250 miles per hour. It is more structurally sound during floods and the fire protection rating is up to 4 hours.

Fuel Savings: Premium insulation is essential with energy costs on the rise. Concrete walls vastly reduce air infiltration (compared to wood walls) and this improves energy performance. By combining two panels of thick (EPS) foam with the structural strength and thermal mass of concrete, the walls can provide an efficiency rating as high as R-50 (compared to an average R-20 in wood structures), saving you up to 70 percent on energy bills. Lowering demand for trees is good for the environment as well.

Comfort: Outside cold easily travels through wood-framed walls causing thermal bridging and creating uncomfortable chilly spots inside your home. Walls with a solid concrete core address and prevent thermal bridging to deliver even temperatures throughout the house. Mold, mildew and toxins associated with wood structures are also eliminated.

Quiet: Reinforced concrete is an effective sound barrier. It dampens sound vibrations from outside noise, such as traffic, trains and neighborhood parties. Internal peace and quiet is a sheer bonus.

Improved Value: It is generally expected that a stronger, safer, greener home - and one that is more durable, cost efficient and needs less maintenance and repair -- will steadily increase in resale value.

Giving you a solid beginning.
Giving you a solid beginning.

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